I am currently a Visiting Fellow at  Stanford University (2022-2024) and a tenure track Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School. My research interests include topics associated with organizing in extreme contexts, and strategy process. I conduct research in extreme contexts and challenges faced by people both working and living in challenging contexts, such as war-torn areas like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and South Sudan. My research has been published in Organization Science, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Organization, and HBR, among others.

I am an active member of AOM, EGOS, and SMS. I have been involved as the co-convenor of EGOS tracks in 2018, and 2019 on heuristics and simple rules, and currently co-editing a Special Issue on the very topic (expected publishing in 2022). 

In 2021, I won the Best Paper Award for OMT at the Annual Conference of the Academy of Management. In previous years, I won the Best Paper Award at the SMS Special Conference in Oslo (2019), was the runner-up for the Best Environmental and Social Practice Paper Award of the OMT Division (2019), and finalist of the Best Paper Proposal at the Annual SMS Conference (2020).

Currently, I serve as the Representative at Large in the Strategic Practice Interest Group (2020-2022; 2022-2024) at the Strategic Management Society. 

At CBS, I am the course coordinator and lecturer of the M.Sc. course "Strategic Management and Innovation", and teach an undergraduate module on "Corporate Strategy". 




Kilevey 14a, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Tel:+45 381 52821

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