I am currently a Visiting Fellow at  Stanford University (2022-2024) and a tenure track Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School. My research interests include topics associated with organizing in extreme contexts, and strategy process. I conduct research in extreme contexts and challenges faced by people both working and living in challenging contexts, such as war-torn areas like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and South Sudan. My research has been published in Organization Science, Journal of Management Studies, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Strategic Organization, and HBR, among others, and has been featured in The Stanford Daily, FAZ, the ASA blog and CBS Wire.

I am an active member of AOM, EGOS, and SMS. I have been involved as the co-convenor of EGOS tracks in 2018, and 2019 on heuristics and simple rules, and currently co-editing a Special Issue on the very topic (expected publishing in 2022). 

In 2021, I won the Best Paper Award for OMT at the Annual Conference of the Academy of Management. In previous years, I won the Best Paper Award at the SMS Special Conference in Oslo (2019), was the runner-up for the Best Environmental and Social Practice Paper Award of the OMT Division (2019), and finalist of the Best Paper Proposal at the Annual SMS Conference (2020).

Currently, I serve as the Representative at Large in the Strategic Practice Interest Group (2020-2022; 2022-2024) at the Strategic Management Society, and co-chairing a thematic track on 'Opening up Strategy' at SMS in London 2022.

At CBS, I am the course coordinator and lecturer of the M.Sc. course "Strategic Management and Innovation", and teach an undergraduate module on "Corporate Strategy". 




CERAS 115, 650 Galvez Mall, Stanford, CA

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