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Waging war from remote cubicles: how workers cope with technologies that disrupt the meaning and morality of their work

In a recent study, we conducted an inductive study of military personnel operating drones for the U.S. Air Force to understand how workers experience and respond to emerging technologies.

The introduction of drone technology in the U.S Air Force has fundamentally changed traditional warfare. The drone program has removed the need for direct physical deployment of personnel to an active war zone and instead have operators stationed in remote command centers in the US to remotely control drones from afar. In other words, drones have “unmanned” the aircraft.

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"The Power of Defining What Your Company Isn´t"

Investors and employees alike want to know what a company stands for and how it’s going to make money. Purpose statements such as BMW’s “We are number one — we inspire people on the move” give employees a sense of direction, just as an understanding of a company’s business model gives investors essential information about the company’s prospects and trajectory. Find more at the below link:

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From Denmark to the Farm, visiting scholar tackles ‘grand challenges’

Madeleine Rauch, an assistant professor of strategy and innovation at Copenhagen Business School, is joining Stanford as a visiting scholar this fall. The Daily spoke with her about her work, her passion for academia and what she hopes to tackle next.
At the Copenhagen Business School, Rauch teaches and conducts research. She will be conducting research full-time at Stanford.

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